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Guest Ali Seyyah
42 minutes ago, norwichfox said:

If I did that, all I would get is advice about my dietary habits.

if you take sugar - dessert ; take cinnemon or cuminum so that they lessen high sugar blood level. Not kidding.. realy they help..

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On 20/09/2020 at 10:01, LCFCCHRIS said:


Likely already posted but here's some of his goals. Looks like he can place it and smack it too at times. Of course this is the highlight reel but the accuracy on some of those is real real quality and show great vision. 

Oh hello :clap:


Hoşgeldiniz Ünder 


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50 minutes ago, Oldblueyes said:

It's a shame that Wesley won't be coming  as SSN has reported that Puel has stopped the transfer to LCFC.


The player has been told to look elsewhere. What a nice person are ex manager is.





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17 minutes ago, Finnegan said:

95th minute of the last game of the season, Leicester are a goal up against Tottenham in a game they need to win to secure Champions League football. Son has just dived predictably in the box to win his side a penalty and for the second consecutive season it looks like City hearts will be broken on the final day. 


As Harry Kane is stood over the ball at the spot, out of nowhere, the lighting in the stadium all goes out (covid scheduling has delayed all final day games to evening kick offs.) 


A single bell tolls. 


Before Clive Tyldesley can get the words BY GAWD out of his mouth, the lights are back on and a seven foot ginger Texan goth has got his hefty bear claws around Kane's suddenly weedy looking neck and is dangling him six inches off the ground. 


The ref sees nothing because Jamie Vardy's just lamped him round the back of the melon with the fourth official's number board and an eerie fog is billowing in front of the VAR cameras. 


Harry Kane goes crashing spine first in to the turf with a sickening (or thickening, as he'll later describe it) thud and with another chime the lights go off again. 


By the time they're back on, the ref is stirring, the fog has lifted and the physios are carting Harry off the pitch for the most conclusive HIA in their short history. 


With a shrug, the ref encourages Spurs to send up their replacement taker, behind him, Son's team mates all take a step backwards and the poor Korean trudges to the spot with a terrified look in his eyes. He glances paranoid over his shoulders, up in to brilliant glare of the floodlights, thinks better of it and just blasts it deliberately over the bar. 


Leicester City are back in the champions league. 

And despite this Kane still starts in the Euros ahead of Calvert-Lewin (30 goals this season) Ings (28) and Vardy (45).


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22 hours ago, GlenParvaFox said:

I went to Turkey when I was 9 and wore my yellow City away shirt, which garnered some occasional attention and nods of approval.


I made friends with a 16 year old Pool-Boy, called Tolga; bought my first album from a market (Thriller) and had the shits for 7 days.



That was my first bough album also, i also had that yellow away shirt.


I dont have a teenage pool boy friend though.

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