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24 minutes ago, Ric Flair said:

Trimmed down big time first 3 league games and then on Sunday was fat as fcuk again, must have been Terra Cotta all last week.

Woah the terracotta. Don’t blame him. 



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On 05/10/2020 at 13:16, TaggertvsWise said:

Based on what evidence? He has played a handful of minutes so far and looked pretty good. Just because he isn’t built like Dele Ali  doesn’t mean his game suffers. Different shapes aid different styles, maybe the extra size helps his game so he won’t get pushed off the ball. In this day and age I think this is an awful comment to make.

...he looked heavy in the short videos of his first training session!!!

I was a bit taken back as I would have expected him to have been in better shape, time will tell if what we see is his natural weight but I suspect it is not.

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39 minutes ago, moore_94 said:

I really don’t understand how people think Under looks fat...?



Shocking and vile. He’s basically Daniel Lambert. Give him back to Roma immediately.

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1 hour ago, sacreblueits442 said:

....you need to have a word....!!!

Worried about the way he is refueling...looking overweight at the moment, this can't be helping.

I've heard he's renting a 1-bed flat above Efes Mangal. There lies the danger! :ph34r:

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Our physiology & coaching team will have him ship shape no time. Player like him needs to stay fast, strong and sharp! This is the premier league he will learn soon enough that every game is intense.

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