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8 minutes ago, Collymore said:

So we get first option? 


When we signed Youri we loaned him and it was only his loyalty that meant he signed permanently. IIRC Man Utd also bid for him. His price also inflated £10m from the excellent form he showed on loan. 


If we have first option with a set price then yes, Rudders has played a blinder. 


If it's similar to the Tielemans deal then it's a bit risky. 



I hope we do get first choice too. If he has a blinder I would hate it if someone like Man U would come along and throw cash at Roma.

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Excited by this.


More needed in terms of thickening up the squad but this signing inparticular does look exciting and something we've been crying out for a few years for, I just hope we play more expansive to suit and don't pass it 80 times wasting him, hopefully this pushes us forward to be more forward, exciting and expansive! :fc:

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Can't wait for the first time he gets into a bit of aggro and Cags comes steaming in for back up and probably gets a red card. 


Got a decent feeling about this signing, I'd rather sign him permanently but haven't looked into detail about whether we can get screwed over if he turns out to be good. 


Be great to see another creative outlet on the pitch, and someone who can best a man with a bit guile.

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10 minutes ago, KingsX said:

 our favorite local joint didn't waste any time.


2008 through yesterday








I am going to wear a City shirt next time and see if we get some VIP treatment.

Are you in Cleveland? 

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