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Ricardo’s injury might be a blessing in disguise. Clubs will want to see how he comes back from it and he won’t have a full season to demonstrate top form across. In current terms, he might reach the point of ‘getting on a bit’ in the eyes of the biggest clubs willing to spend the biggest bucks that it would take to get him.


Maddison I think has to take his game up a notch or two to really justify interest at the price we’d demand (particularly given the deal he’s just signed). For me, he still plays in patches too much and there are others out there just as good if not better.


Ndidi is the one that has been at the top of his game for the longest and he’s in one of those positions which have been seen as increasingly important over recent years but where there aren’t a wealth of top class players readily available.


I’d be most worried about Ndidi and Soyuncu. Both of their positions are en vogue (ball winning midfielder and ball playing centre half), they’re young, they have a great injury record, they play for their national teams regularly and they will have delivered consistent strong form across two years at least if they have a good season this season. I think we might lose one and agree with the other he gives us one more year before we let him go too.

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The two irreplaceables would be Wilf and Ricardo in my opinion.  Anyone else could go as long as the fee was suitably obscene.



edit - now that I come to think of it, Barnes has got to stay too.  Can't lose Harvey.  JV is the most irreplacebale of all but he won't go.


And Soyuncu.  We need to keep Soyuncu and Youri of course.  In fact the whole Turco-Belgian alliance must stay.  


And Wes.  Another year for Wes and keep Kasper as the team shop stewards.  Evans needs to hang around too.  All that experience.   And Kevin. Kevin and Christian.  They're part of the furniture.


Big Dan, Mendy and Kelechi.  All good cover.  Justin is the future, can't sell him.







Madders it is then.



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