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Man City A Pre Match Thread

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10 minutes ago, the fox said:

Of course it's not. It's because of the lack of funding for transfers:ph34r:

Is it a lack of funding or are we finding it difficult to get our transfer targets over the line for their market value, instead of paying inflated prices?

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They aren’t weakened at all. They’re still an extremely strong team, and are still capable of beating us comfortably. It will either be a comfortable win for them, or them will shit house a 1-0 from a crap Mahrez penalty. To win we have to be at full strength and everyone turn up, plus they have an off day. 

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7 minutes ago, Sharpe's Fox said:

Not to win one of those, especially against Man Utd or Chelsea who aren't all that, is a joke. Damning on Rodgers' 'Tactics Tim' approach to those games.

In the long past we use to beat some of the Bit Teams but lose to the "also rans" & struggle for top 10-14th

Finishing 9th & 5th, means we can collect a Mixed good points with the 'also rans', but Not quite Grind out points against the Real  top teams....

I prefer the latter & with Rodgers....

Manuted & Chelsea's Problem is you & many on  here overrate their struggles, underrate their squads...because of the high Standard they set.

Then Underate our injury problems within a squad of our Caliber. If we had found 2 young players,Plus a Quality Signing like they always do, we might be able to compete now & then. Rodgers/any managers job at Leicester is Not to find and secure New blood,Plus our developement hasnt kept up to the pace of feeding the first Team in positions we have become desperate...

Tactics....Rodgers tactics did the job to get us Holding Top 4 for a long while...Not quite Good enough to Keep us there....

Easy to criticise...& throw out cynical remarks...innit!!


Covid..will now unbalance more the Chasing Teams like us...Simple Lack of all round high quality & chances of upping that to that next level...

With or without Covid...Rodgers/Any manager has 2-4 seasons to see if they can up our performaces,results & realise some of our aspirations


Accountability I will agree has to be there,but I aint going on any cynical frustrating witch-hunt in a successful Full First season..

Not having a full Front-line that can convert regularly,in those hard moments, puts unnecessay stress on the BLine.

Our midfield Now has to find consistency & Step up ,Ndidi is a reasonable excuse But cant be 'The' excuse,like last season...u


This is where Rodgers has to Show ( over this whole season) he also can Show more,the odd poor game will not be the problem..

but get 'his' Team performing for longer periods & Grind out & come out on top more,with points in those average games...

Last season is gone...Lets Now see our These First 15 games go...


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5 minutes ago, moore_94 said:

Amartey and Evans in


Perez and Ndidi out


3 at the back I would imagine


4 minutes ago, BroughtonFox said:

Evans and Amartey In, Perez and N’didi out according to Twitter. 



ah too slow lol 

I swear if this is from SFE


Edit: Bloody hell :D 

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