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Man City (A) Match Thread

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9 minutes ago, Finnegan said:


I was one of the most vocally critical in the first half and I'm still here. 


I stand by the criticism. We gave them far, far, far too much respect in the first half. 


Rodgers has done exactly what people called for in the second half and given us more licence to get bodies forward and press and lo and behold it's produced a win. A comfortable one. 


They looked absolutely there for the taking and we've woken up and realised that. Credit where its due. 

Hold them and hit them his tactics needs to be given credit 👍👍

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Just now, worthosoriginals said:

Have the 'brendan Clueless against the top clubs' brigade sneaked away? 

I'm gassed but in fairness this is 1 win out of how many. Anyway let's just enjoy it for what it is

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