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Man City (A) Match Thread

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5 minutes ago, matty98 said:

Ndidi had been playing CB, just a straight swap with Evans would've been fine.  lol

He's changed formation to accommodate Daniel Amartey.


Ofcourse I hope I'm wrong but seems very strange to me.

It's Brendan's response to Mahrez running circles around them last time. Pragmatic approach - in theory that is.

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11 minutes ago, fuchsntf said:

7 crap pages....Again..!!!


11 players wearing the foxes badge...Support them ,every last man of them

you .#*+-%  ..pathetic Foxestalk-forum

Disgrace ,shamefull...Today You ARE the embarrasment..!!

Awful.  Absolutely terrible.  Flippin diabolical!



There are two esses in embarrassment.

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