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Post Match Thread - Man City (A)

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18 minutes ago, Dan Gliballs said:

Rumour has it Brendan went upto KDB after the final whistle and whispered in his ear he’d love him at Leicester :ph34r:

Not sure he'd get in the team ahead of Papy Mendy 

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8 minutes ago, Mike Oxlong said:

Yeah it was a good shot but Mahrez could have had a picnic before hitting it. The “I told you so brigade” are just as bad as the moaners IMO 


But yeah, let’s all enjoy it. 👍

You can criticise the defending from the corner, fine, but honestly, reading through the match thread was so depressingly negative I could feel the ceiling lowering down with every page.  It was excessive.



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Just now, StriderHiryu said:

He learned the lesson! This bodes extremely well for us. Now we know we can do something against the top teams AND beat the weaker ones too.


Give Rodgers a good squad and he can make a competitive team.

 Just the fact that we could pull this off blows me away. The discipline and training just doesn't happen in one week. Think this has been worked on on the training ground for awhile. Lets hope a little bit more depth is added before the window shuts. Europe is on! What a great tool to have in your tool box. Its as much plan B as we are going to get.

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23 minutes ago, Brooksy said:

Justin class in the 2nd half after I slagged him off.


We're the real deal. 2nd title win incoming. 

I'm the exact same. 


I've gave him a fair amount of stick and I stand by the fact he was at fault for the goal but....


I'll hold my hands up and admit he was excellent in the second half today! Fair play. 

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14 minutes ago, Matt said:

You keep saying this.


At the end of the day a win is a win but there were time last season when it wasn't and you can damn well understand that for when you had your problems with Puel and went sceptic, I think it says alot about your agendas during that time then it does about anything else.


So far this season it has been excting yes, because it hasn't been defensive, deep, passive shite - bar the first half v WBA and the first 30 minutes today - of both i've noted and clearly criticised both times, but if you'd rather ignore that and not see it/not see last seasons issues again I think it says more about your agendas than anything else.


Anyway people go on about me being negative and here you are trying to create arguments.

Im just busting your balls mate. It's all good fun lol

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