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Post Match Thread - Man City (A)

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Absolutely superb. I've been super critical of Rodgers tactics in the big games. And up until we scored i thought we had been set up to contain, which is understandable but they've not been good at the back for a while so I thought we could exploit them. And we did. Fair play to the manager and players.


Vardy will get motm for the goals and winning the pens. But so many top performers today. Justin started a bit slow again for me but did really well by the end. Amartey very solid considering time out. And Mendy again another 7/10 steady performance. He's very underrated.


Just need to tighten up the set piece defending, but otherwise what a start to the season

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I didn't have high hopes for this one. Was just hoping not to get battered.


Wow. What a result. So many great performances, and that's without Wilf, Ricardo or Under, and whoever we sign over the next 8 days.


We've had an abysmal record against the big 6 under Brendan until today. What a way to end that! Hopefully, we've broken that mental duck and approach these games with more belief in future.


A perfect start to the season. Really thought we'd struggle at first. Feels like post-Deeney-Day again.

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With Mendy coming back and looking good it's like having a new signing. Throw in Amartey (early days for him though) and it means our bench looks a lot stronger than it was just a few weeks ago. Maddison, Perez, Albrighton, Fuchs, Choudhury, Iheanacho and Ward is pretty good. Once we get Ricardo back, another CB and Under into the matchday squad, we're going to look very strong, I can't wait.

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20 minutes ago, Mike Oxlong said:

Yeah it was a good shot but Mahrez could have had a picnic before hitting it. The “I told you so brigade” are just as bad as the moaners IMO 


But yeah, let’s all enjoy it. 👍

I am the General of the "told ya so..Devils brigade"...

Nice feeling being an Happy clapper...My W.Chair went in a spin, & did 5 wheelies....!!!

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