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Post Match Thread - Man City (A)

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15 minutes ago, Guest said:

Rodri to Sky Sports:

"Football has not been fair with us...we tried many things, they tried two or three things. Maybe it is our fault, maybe it is their strength. I am young and try to learn every game but games like this where opposition do nothing, you are a bit confused. You don't know what to do...for me they are lucky, it is not the way I like to play."


What a nonce.

...the player is in shock!...have some compassion....!!!

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57 minutes ago, Mike Oxlong said:

Disappointed that in his post match interview Brendan didn’t conclude by saying “And by the way, screw you all you doubters on Foxestalk”

Hes got me...!!!

I am his Top cook...Baking & dishing out Mountains of humble pie ,& enough omlettes for all those faces...

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26 minutes ago, twister said:

I do think the lads caught them at a good time


both strikers out  and a lack of pre season due to the champions league


but good tactical performance none the less.



Still a great warning, like a boxer who turns into a fight not being in peak condition. 


We dished out beating. Next time, come prepared, you oil money slags


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25 minutes ago, whoareyaaa said:

they can say all they want about his goals from the spot but I bet the vast majority are because he has been fouled so its a cracking record.

His record against the “Big 6” speaks for itself. The fact he has more goals in less games than main strikers for some of the best premier league teams ever is huge. Love it. 

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36 minutes ago, RowlattsFox said:

Arrogance of Pep to take Fernandinho off early in the second half backfired a bit. Unless he was injured but didn't look like it. 

Wanted to get KDB in the game. Double pivot was occupying their space in midfield. Didn’t have a striker to attack crosses hence Delap coming on 

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Tielemans, Vardy and Castagne were obviously all excellent but I’d like to also say Mendy was very good, again! 

That turn in midfield that set the attack up for the 1st penalty was stunning. Broke the press instantly and we were away. Quality. 

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20 minutes ago, Mike Oxlong said:

Best post match analysis on the Blue Moon forum 


For what it’s worth my sister dated Mendy briefly last year - she agrees he’s a shit LB but said he was a decent ****

It’s interesting because I bet he didn’t get shagged quite as much as he did today.

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