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Leicester City vs West Ham (H) - Pre Match Thread

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1 hour ago, Lcfc82 said:

West Ham looking very good tonight, will be a tough game 


Thought the scoreline flattered them a bit to be honest. I'm not saying they were crap but it looked like two pretty average sides, Wolves were just garbage.

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1 minute ago, Finnegan said:

Hope common sense prevails and we don't stick with the 352 just because it's "a winning team."


Got to go back to 433/4231 against these and stick with what worked against WBA and Burnley because it'll be a much more similar game and we've got far more control over the game with proper width.


Be nice to see Under get a good solid 30+ minutes as well on for Perez, who I'd assume starts if we do go back to type.


As an aside - if we win will that be our best ever start to a top flight season?

I agree. Approach the same as the first 2 games.


It already is best ever start to a top flight season, I think. Best start of any season since 1922.

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1 minute ago, shailen said:

Different type of game and I'd expect different personnel. Harsh on Amartey but don't think he's needed for this one and we can go 4-3-3 with Perez/Under in and Maddison for Praet if he's injured. 

Unless DA starts in place of Evans if he’s injured.

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They are a threat from set pieces which concerns me, especially without Ndidi size. Makes me think we might stick with Amartey. 


We're good enough to not think about them though. Maddison starts ahead of Perez probably if we revert back to 4 at the back. Dependant on other injuries. 

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