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What level are we at now???

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So, 3 wins out of 3 and top of the league, adapting to changes in formations, new signings yet to play, possibly more to come.....


What level are we at? 


a top 4 side, top 6, are there other teams that could threaten our position? Leeds, Everton?


Do we need to strengthen further or stick with what we have?


Will we have any of the bigger clubs coming in for our talent? 


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This is going to be a bizarre season given the short turn around, so its very hard to gauge what anyones true level is right now given that pre season hasnt been a level playing field. 


Having said that, if we can add a centre half and possibly 1 more attacking player our squad is in a good place and no reason we can't be getting top 6 again. 


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We’re three games into the season. We were the closest competition to Liverpool before Christmas last year.


This is a big mental block against the top teams smashed now however, it’s an important step for our season. But it’s far too early to know where we’re at yet.

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Nothing has changed. We're not as bad as the end of last season and we're not as good as the first half of last season. Saying that I don't think we're far off from being a top 4 team and we should be aiming to get champions league each season. I believed that at the start of the season and still believe that. We're a young squad that is only going to get better. 

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i get our pessimism after end of last season but we should have had top 4 and it was a freak occurrence that ruined it, so far i don't think we've lost anything in terms of quality, we've only added to it.


I see us as top 6 and anything less is under performing, i thought so when BR joined us and i think with Castagne we've moved on to another level.


I think another striker is more important to us than a centre half but both if we're going to play a back 3 more often.


It seems all of our current squad is very settled so we're in a good position, i think we'll finish 3rd this season. 

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I’m just happy we’ve regained the form we lost 

I still don’t fully understand why we went from so sublime to so crap last season

The signing of the bloke from Atalanta has been inspired. He is quality 

But we just look to have our swagger back and when we have that, we can pretty much match anyone in this division.

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