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14 minutes ago, deanolegend1989 said:

I’m pretty sure(correct me if I’m wrong) but klopp was very complimentary of Vardys wonder goal.
Something along the lines of ‘I wanted to celebrate the goal myself but was too upset too’

I don't recall that. I just remember him dismissing how dominant we were and that everything was going our way that season. I'll see if I can find his comments, they were very bizarre.

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He said something like if you can win a game in the PL, you should do it, and that they could have won that game. Danny Murphy responded that he was talking shit on MOTD if I remember correctly.

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On 28/09/2020 at 06:39, UniFox21 said:

If you want a laugh this morning, the comments on this thread are brilliant 


I spat me cornflakes out when I read this one 'Their defensive seven cost over £270m and was about as stable as a hymen in a high school'.   :crylaugh:

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The guys a chump who expects all opposition to Man City just to let them walk all over them. He’s trying to deflect from his own pathetic performance against us. Our players just ran and passed him like he wasn’t there. No team that scores five away from home against a team of stars like Man City can be called lucky.  Yes we got three penalties but they were well deserved from mistakes his team mates made. Pep was wrong calling us counter attacking, yes we can play that way but we were on the front foot most of the game while Youri and Mandy ended up running and dominating the midfield. Excellent analysis on match of the day 2. There defence was pathetic and players like Rodri were absent and being bypassed by us. Pep has no right to criticise how any team plays against him. 

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