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Wesley Fofana: Signs For LCFC

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1 minute ago, sdb said:

At least he essentially put a £100 million price tag on him! 

Yeah, I always liked Jamie Redknapp. One of the few to show us some respect. Although I didn't know he was Maddison's piece on the side

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4 minutes ago, Goober said:

If this lad keeps his head down he'll be walking into any side in Europe in a couple of years. ****ing awesome tonight.


Cags will be sick

I don't think we're too far away from seeing Fofana and Soyuncu playing alongside eachother. It's difficult because Evans is such an asset to this teams but Cags and Fofana would allow us to step up a bit and are both better on the ball. 

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Just now, wokinghamfox said:

May have it wrong. He was booked tonight and has now picked up a one match ban

No, the commentator thought it was Tielemans for a start, he would have been suspended but then corrected himself when I saw it was Wes.

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£35million looking like an absolute snip.


And at the age of 20. Fuchs sake, this lad is special. No doubt he will be snapped up in the near future but by jingo, we will enjoy watching him play here every week.


Nothing personal Caglar, but you simply cannot drop this centre back pairing at the moment.

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