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West Ham (H) Match Thread

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West Ham doing well to restrict the passing through the channels where we succeeded last week. Making it difficult for us to thread them through. Castagne and Justin not getting the space they've had before in previous games. 

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Just now, HitchinFox said:

Am I the only one who detests McManaman as a pundit?


Can't stand his voice – and never have any interest in what he is saying.

He doesn´t bring anything at all when he opens his mouth. Strange how imbecile you have to be to become a commentator...


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3 minutes ago, StanSP said:

Ffs what about all the other times we lose the ball up front (not through Perez). Does that always mean they're to blame for any goal that comes after?! 

Get a grip ffs.

I am talking about the specfic incident. But if you to want to conflate ridiculously, go ahead Ffs. 

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Just now, TonyN11 said:

Castagne, Mendy are special for us ATM

Perez doing well today


Just now, Miquel The Work Geordie said:

Ayoze having a pen and inker 

Perez ..... like marmite it seems :D

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