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West Ham 0-3 Post Mortem

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1 minute ago, Hammo said:

Same old story. Can’t break down an organised defence. They just crowd out Vardy and wait for us to make a mistake with a sloppy pass. And as for the corners we don’t ever look like winning a header at either end.


When is Rodgers ever going to address our weaknesses, let alone try to fix them??

Because he’s stubborn 

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West Ham were brilliant regardless of how we played, thoroughly deserved win for them.


But our sheer lack of effort is what p****d me off more than anything, and the bloody backwards passing was too reminiscent of how we played at the end of last season.

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We started well.


Overall I don’t think we were that bad all match albeit getting worse as the game went on.


I think West Ham were solid and count us on the count we were out Leicestered (old style) but equally we were poor in the final third but aleast we were playing around the final third - not aimlessly passing at the back.

I’m annoyed we lost, although it’s the type of game we always lose given how we’ve started the season however I’m not pissed off with the way we played like I have been in so many games last season.


We just couldn’t get anything through in the final third, West Ham were all over us like a rash in the final third, I’m not gonna cry about that like Man City and Pep did last week, fair play to them!

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Just now, Hales said:

It was shite but let's chalk it down as an off day. Too many players just were not on it. You can't blame Brendan for that. The break now gives us chance to get players back fit, improve fitness of Evan's, Madders etc. No-body panic! 

Who do we blame then. He took the plaudits and the credit last week know he takes the cristism and the blame for this

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3 minutes ago, Tom12345 said:

That should not be offside. It was just Vardy’s arse. He did not gain any advantage by being there and this is not what the offside rule should be about.


  We've scored many a goal off an arse mate  :wes:

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I’m not going to blame Rodgers. Because I think his idea was right today, unfortunately the players did not perform.


No Preat and No Madders meant he had to do something. West Ham’s strength are down the flanks, with an overload of Creswell, Antonio and Bowen means that’s where they will look to exploit the space left behind. Today Timmy and Justin were poor and we allowed their threats into the game far too easily, and it shouldn’t have been the case. Cags had an absolute shocker, Evans didn’t really have much of a chance and Amartey was gash, sorry. Mendy didn’t turn up, Touri didn’t turn up, Perez failed to have the impact he should have and we were not able to get Vardy into the game.


Brendan wasn’t to blame today for me, the lads were, they let themselves down. But they’ve just been shown to be still soft. We have the same issues we had last season, get under our skin and we crumble. West Ham got it right today in terms of being bullish, the approach they literally always take, it worked against Wolves and it has undone us today.


It was one of those, we got schooled, we missed Ndidi and Ricardo, and Justin has proven he isn’t good enough at the moment to be used consistently. 

Lots of work to be done, today wasn’t a good day, I just hope to god we don’t fold against Villa.  

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The two faces of Leicester City and Brendan Rodgers management in less than a week.


I think we were arrogant from the start, thinking we could click in to gear following last week and Brendan keeping things the same despite the opposition being totally different.


We never took the game to them and they really breezed it quite comfortably. From Top 4 to relegation form, bloody typical. 

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Rodgers cost us the game. Tactics all wrong. Set us up to be the counter attacking team against a weaker team at home.


Unbelievable that Perez stayed on the pitch so long. 


Until we had a goal ruled out we didn't move the ball quickly at all. No tempo or intensity. 


That's the worst performance I'd say since Puels final game Vs Palace at home

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Abysmal. We've been saying it for what seems like forever but we still have no plan B in our attacking play. We've tried lots of wingers, midfielders etc but the common problem is Jamie Vardy. We need a genuine alternative for games that go like this, he can't keep having so few touches and blame everyone else all the time. At least someone who can play alongside him. 


West Ham were everything we can't play against and it seemed like they had more players in defence and attack. Midfield was woeful, Tielemans knackered already? Maybe Praets energy carries him though, and we missed Praet more than a Maddison. 


Justin not being a left footer was noticeable today too. 


Wake up call for everyone but with the window still open it might not be the worst thing to happen. Need a striker and another central midfielder who can run with the ball and has energy. 


Not time panic but worrying how quickly old problems are still there, credit to West Ham though on an excellent away performance. 

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They were good, we were dogshit.


Amartey, Castagne and possibly Mendy escape with a modicum of credit, the latter was definitely shafted by the system - Perez isn't a like for like replacement for Praet who we badly missed today. 


Schmeichel, quite simply, isn't a good 'keeper anymore and is an area we desperately need to look at. 

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Post Mortem is the correct terminology! Some players playing like they were literally on their last legs.


No-one stands out. Not one player. Everyone played well below their own standards that they know they can and that extends to Rodgers who made some poor pre-match choices as well as in-game.


Worst was probably Perez, Soyuncu, Barnes and Justin all for different reasons. Poor passing, poor marking, lack of concentration.


Is it me or did everyone just look really, really leggy and tired? As if we were the ones that played midweek and not us? Was it the conditions? The mentality? Complacency? We just did not look at the races today. 


I hope we can learn from it for when Villa potentially do the same against us in a couple of weeks time. This will be an eye-opener for 'lesser' teams wanting to overcome us and nullify us. A textbook way to beat an attacking, in-form side. Sit back, be organised, be defensive and break down attacks, counter with pace and make chances count.


We weren't exactly gonna win every game this season but every game every fan should expect nothing less than 100% effort and desire and will to win. The problem being we saw nothing of that today, in any department of the pitch.

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