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On 10/10/2020 at 13:31, UpTheLeagueFox said:

One day we'll look back and realise how lucky we are to...

a) have such great owners

b) follow the club when we're doing so well


There'll be a time for sure - possibly decades into the future - when our grandkids won't believe how much anger was spouted for ONLY finishing fifth in 2020.

They’ll be gobsmacked that the all conquering Leicester City, owners of feeder club barcolana, the premiers leagues big 1 and sole holder of all 20 votes ever dropped so low. That this altruistic club who wrestled all votes from what will be then known as the Wallowing Gluttonous Six, and redistributed the wealth, many clubs, including second placed Fleetwoods 40000 seat stadium, held  a spectacular firework and light show to celebrate Leicester Day.


All these kids will wonder what a notts forest is as king powers widening of the Trent for a shipping canel leading to their inland duty free store, accidentally swallowed the club.  But they will stand confused in Charnwood forest and wonder what that crazy man was on about shouting about trees winning two european cups.

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