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Don’t kid yourselves that fans of the big clubs understand what the furore is about 


just look at the Spurs supporters trust statement 


The Trust said in a statement: "The consequences of their decision to attempt to launch this breakaway league could now lead to substantial penalties against Spurs - points deductions, suspension from competition, financial penalties, other sanctions.

They signed up to this plan knowing they risked all that, and knowing they risked their players being banned from international competition.

The responsibility of the club's board is to always act in the best interests of THFC. The current board clearly has not acted in the best interests of the football club. In fact, its action could still lead to outcomes that are in the worst interests of THFC.

No mention of sporting integrity- they just want their club to be as successful as possible at the expense of everyone and everything else 

no comprehension that the super league would devalue the premier league to be a non competitive entity and the pyramid to potentially collapse as a consequence....


I assume the majority of big club supporters feel this way and it shows that unless we do something about this festering sore now, it will burst at some point in the next year or two and we will end up covered in puss! 

EDIT: I have found the whole statement which includes the below which is a little more reassuring 


Over the last two to three years, we have raised the issue of potential changes to European Club Competition and breakaway leagues with the Club’s Board. They have responded by saying they wouldn’t discuss hypothetical situations. We have told them that the position of most football fans is that, as a bare minimum, success in competition should be based on merit. They have “noted” our view. 

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