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The anti-establishment club?

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45 minutes ago, The Bear said:

How dare you. 


I didn't come on here to stick my tongue up your proverbial East Midlands rectums. I came to slowly drip feed you Black Country musings and info until all of your second teams are Wolves. 


Granted its taking a bit longer than I first anticipated but I won't give up! 

My fourth team is West Brom. Sorry mate. Wolves isn't proper Black Country.


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See, this is their fear, teams like us, wolves and any other team that gets its shit together can threaten their position. Teams who can now hold onto their best players or demand huge amounts of money for them, the tide was turning and they felt the need to stop it. chelsea and man city are newcomers and want to climb into the loft and pull the ladder up behind them, what’s not to say us or wolves or everton can’t make it 8 or 9 teams challenging for the top 4, it would be fantastic for the league/game, but that’s not what they want.

No surprise discussions for project big picture started in 2017, can’t think why, oh wait, what happened in 2016?

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Cant help but think that the support be given to the league 1 and 2 clubs should have some strings attached for the long term good of football and that is to take ownership of the grounds so if a club folds the ground is still available for a pheonix to return.  Because as you see when a club loses its home its a lot harder for fans to get behind the club and save it when they are based in a town miles away on their third different ground share.

It will stop property developers robbing the assets from the game.

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