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Sky Sports Box Office HELP please

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5 hours ago, Manwell Pablo said:

Worked really well In 1939 that.


4 hours ago, Manwell Pablo said:

Blitzkrieg Geoff.


3 hours ago, Foxy_Bear said:

You can't seriously be comparing the PPV deals with Nazi Germany...... 


..... This is FAR worse!



Give 'em a uniform and they think they're Hitler.




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It's a personal choice, however,  I won't be supporting these money grabbing individuals by paying excessive amounts of money for what is in any case,  a substandard product. This is an easy example of how abstinence can be a good weapon for the common good. The radio is good enough for me or if not possible, I'd just boycott it all together. Let's show some solidarity for the future good of football. Its a personal decision. 

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4 hours ago, Walkers said:

Bit patronising, for what its worth I know what its about and i'm not secretly for what they are doing, i'm just not a fan of people telling (in their opinion???) others what they should do.


Yeah I can't understand where you are coming from Walkers tbh. How do you think anyone has achieved anything in the history of politics.


I'll tell anyone I can not to do this and I do so with a clean conscience as it's for the greater good of football.


It's still their choice whether to listen or not.

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