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Are you paying for PPV today?

PPV - What are you doing?   

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  1. 1. Too pay or not to pay...

    • Paying £14.95 for box office
    • Finding an alternative stream
    • Radio
    • Nothing

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"I had to" really isn't any defence.


I'm pleased to have got a good stream but would have watched flashscores on my phone rather than pay. 


Everybody has a choice and those choosing to pay are free to make that choice, but as a fan of the only club who voted against it, I do feel you let us all down in making a stand against the powers at be. 

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1 minute ago, Nod.E said:

My stream hasn't flickered once. You've been had.


Just now, Vlad the Fox said:

Watching the stream posted on here earlier today. Great picture, no buffering. As smooth as the ale I’m supping :D 


Same. HD quality.


I've got a beer in one hand while holding two fingers up to BT and Sky on the other. 



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13 minutes ago, davelcfc100 said:

I wish I could find a stream that bloody worked. 


I started off with one which failed every minute.


But theres one about 3 or 4 down on redditsoccerstreams which has been solid for 30 minutes or so.



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17 hours ago, jeffschlupp said:

I'm not paying to travel to the game. I'm not paying stupid money for drinks before, during and after the game. I'm not paying the pro rata cost of my season ticket (the £70 retainer charge over 19 games in a season is all of £3.68 a game).


So to play devil's advocate, I and many others are saving a significant amount of money this season.


£14.95 is a lot of money for one game, but I've not seen the same uproar for fans of EFL clubs paying a tenner to watch their games. The clubs have to survive just as any business does. I know they're a multi-million pound business in a pretty unfair and money-grabbing industry, but clubs still need money. Everyone talks about the transfer fees but if one club spends big then the rest have to follow to survive in the division, it's not like the clubs could have agreed to spend bugger all this summer. You can't put every game on BBC and Pick because they're not making money from it, and then the armchair w*nkers will stop subscribing to Sky and BT if they know they can still watch a game or two every weekend.


I am falling out of love with football in a wider sense, but my interest in watching us play every week is still there. If I can't go to the game I really can't be arsed to sit and refresh shite streams for 90 minutes, so £15 doesn't seem all that bad.

Good post. 
I think there are many of us non- plussed with football at the moment. Maybe it was the enforced break earlier in the year that started me not being too bothered about it. 
I suspect there may have been a few Sky cancellations during that period too.

Whilst I’m happy to watch us, I’m not too arsed how the season pans out to be fair because I just don’t care too much anymore.

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