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LCFC v Villa Match thread

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1 minute ago, StanSP said:

Don't see how you can blame Rodgers for this match and loss. Didn't exactly have much to work with. 

But that is his fault.  He knew we were one injury away from having absolutely nothing up front and he did nothing about it before the season began

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2 minutes ago, HankMarvin said:

Let’s dig out the Kasper thread


”his world class”

”we so lucky to have him”



yeah right 

You're the first to jump on his back every time. It's clear you don't rate him and have a hump, we get it.

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Just now, sdb said:

Do you think they've got a considerably better side than us?

That's not really in line with what I'm saying? We don't have a better side than Man City yet put them to bed? 


With so many key players out there's not much for Rodgers to work with. 

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