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4 minutes ago, Leicester_Loyal said:

Get 40 points and focus on the Europa League.


I'm not sure if Iheanacho will ever be good enough to be our first choice striker, he looks clueless sometimes.

And loose all or better players in

the process?

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Just now, adam said:

Rodgers at fault again. Like for like subs when it's not working. Random hamza sub. Under must be garbage if he can't get in ahead of perez. 

I’m done with him. I’m fully Rodgers out now. Every now and we get a ‘wow’ performance, to cover up the 90% of boring / safe football. 


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1 minute ago, foxfanazer said:

He doesn't justify beingbone of the best paid manager's in the league. We could get someone far cheaper to do as good of a job. Needs to get new ideas

Mate he'll get tens of millions if he's sacked. That's his new idea.

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Just now, Stadt said:

Taking 0 from 6 at home to West Ham and Villa is disgusting. What’s worse is that we did it create a particularly good chance in either. It’s not a case of injuries either, if Vardy plays in that game he’s horribly isolated rather than making a difference. 

Under has to start over Perez, Perez’ best contribution is routinely a few blocked shots. 

This is the same form that saw us bottle a near-certain CL spot last season.

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Nacho and Perez aren’t good enough. Barnes goes missing and is anonymous in games at times (like Nacho / Perez). 


Slimani looked like a fan that had won a chance to play. He doesn’t suit this system. I’d forgotten he’d got no pace and a touch like a baby elephant. 

Choudhury isn’t good enough. Should have kept Mendy on. 

The back four looked okay in all honesty. No protection once Mendy went off, which is why Choudhury needs to find a new home .... far away from us.  



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Fofana was the only one that comes out with any credit today (maybe Castagne too).


Front 3 didn't do much. Tielemans, Mendy & Praet were basic. 


I don't want to use injuries as an excuse but if Vardy, Maddison, Ndidi all play from the start I think we can approach the game with much more confidence.


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Complete lack of creativity. We obviously need the likes of ricardo back desperately, but why do we always look out on our feet after 80 minutes? They looked fitter than us and seems to be a regular thing. Mendy should have stayed on and under was needed as perez created nothing again. Big shout out for fofana though, great debut. 

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