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3 hours ago, Foxaholic ME said:

If you can beat Liverpool  7-2  you are a big team  and  on paper our results  made us  4 goals  better than  L iverpool   and  3 goals better than Man C   and   1 better than Wolves with  only half a side out  so hardly    a  shoot yourself time

Cant work out whether you're being serious or not. Often hard to tell on here 

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On 19/10/2020 at 02:21, lcfcfoz said:

Arsenal, Away.

Leeds, Away.

Wolves, Home.

International break.

Liverpool, away.

How many points are we going to get?

Pressure is definitely on Rodgers now.


my biggest concern on this list is the international break

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So it seems regardless of opposition, we are pretty well set for away games (Which is sort of weird with the current closed stadium situation) so the next task is to work out how to play on the front foot at home, especially against the low block


That is not easy, as is proven by plenty of perceived big clubs, I also assume that the EPL, maybe other leagues too, are in a period of defensive ascendancy.

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On 19/10/2020 at 10:34, lcfceaves said:

Cannot see us getting a point. Same old slow un-penetrative football with no imagination. Players complained about lack of intensity in training sessions under Puel, but I don't see any difference on the pitch. We were terrible first half against WBA but seemed to get a rocket at halftime...


Burnley we conceded some awful goals, and Burnley have barely scored at all this season so far... and they could have had 3 or 4!


City game was the one game we completely changed the game plan and a team allowed us loads of space in-behind. When that doesn't happen, we play our predictable football again. 


West Ham - defended compact, no idea on how break them down, no shots on target.


Villa - defended, conceded some half chances, but we created nothing clear cut.  They have players in the final third that can produce a bit of magic, but also countered us numerous times.


Unless Under comes in and gives us some much needed spark, nothing will change. We will pick up some wins against the poorer sides, but a lot of clubs have moved ahead of us in the latest transfer window, and have a more exciting brand of football rather than Tika Taka... makes your eyes bleed this style of football we average players.


I know injuries play a part, but the brand of fooball has been like this for ages. It won't change when they all come back. 


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