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Best back four in the league...

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I know I'm biased but in this instance even bias doesn't even really cover this statement: I would not swap our current crop of defensive options with any other squad in the league.


Ricardo and Castagne are every bit elite level full backs. Evans is a blueprint for a top EPL CB. Soyuncu and Fofana are superb ball playing CBs. Justin has come on a lot and has real potential and offers great versatility. There's some exciting yoof in young Thomas and also the vast experience and leadership qualities of Morgan and Fuchs. Benkovic too, may still come good and certainly has something about him.


That has been carefully built and managed over the last 4 seasons and the club deserve immense credit for that.

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7 hours ago, StanSP said:

Bit harsh on Evans tbh. 

Of course Evans being in that line up means it would still be the best back 4 in the league, but I'm thinking in a year or two time that this back four COULD be the stuff of greatness (if they all stick around). 

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7 hours ago, SecretPro said:

Ricardo, Fofana, Soyuncu, Castagne.


It makes my mouth water. 

It does, but I do wonder what Fofana and Soyuncu would be like together. I think at this stage, both of them require an 'Evans' alongside to get the best out of them but still, if everyone was fit, I think we're better with 4 at the back and not 3. With so many games however  there should be enough to keep them all happy. 

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The best thing about it is that it gives us options to go into a 3 or a 2. Evans is still number 1 for me though but Forfana and Soyunchu could give us stability for the next 5 to 10 years! It wont happen but the only reason it wouldn't happen is if we sold them for world records figures again. 



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Think if Fofana and Soyuncu can work well together they can be formidable. Fofana has aerial presence similar to VVD from the little I’ve seen and both can cover each other simply and effectively. That’s a pairing I would love to see but we gotta wait weeks and weeks!


Evans is class tho, only thing he lacks compared to the others is pace.

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