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Arsenal (A) Match Thread - 25/10/2020

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3 minutes ago, Les-TA-Jon said:

surprised by the complaints. Loads of key injuries. Two games a week for the foreseeable future. Squad too thin to rotate much. 

It’s going to be fairly pragmatic for a while, especially away against the top 6

So if we aren't even going to try for the win (West ham, villa and seemingly this game)  why not just put out a team of absolute fringe players for a quarter of a season and wrap the first teamers we have left in cotton wool until all the injured ones come back and then we can go into a game and try to win? 

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2 minutes ago, twister said:

Keep playing like this and its only ends one way


like watching burnley away


negative and trying to hang on for 90 minutes


he will look a genius of course if he somehow pulls of a result, but if he doesn't this foroum will light up tonight, we shall see.



I dont think there is anything genius about these wank tactics. I can understand the likes of Burnley etc doing it  but we have better players than these tactics are giving credit. No issue with getting men behind the ball when they have it as they have a dangerous attack but our lack of effort in getting players forward when we win it back is utterly disgusting. Tried to get a 0-0 at home to Villa and doing the same here. Fair enough against Liverpool or Man City(yes I know we beat them 5-2) but not Arsenal. Far too much respect being given to a bang average team.

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Just now, NaijaFox said:

I’m desperate enough to be happy if it stays that way, but frankly we are making these look world-class.

No we're not. They're just getting a lot of possession. That's not world class. A world class team beats our defensive block and carves out several chances, clear-cut ones, and probably even scores a few.


They've not done that :dunno:.

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2 minutes ago, Sol thewall Bamba said:

Totally boring for 2 and a half league games now.

It is very dull, today I can see why though. Vardy, Ndidi, Ricardo all out or not fit to start. Away at Arsenal he has gone defensive. But the 2 home games I can not reason with. We are dire to watch at the moment. Wolves are the same and have no injuries really. Chelsea v United utter rubbish as well. Modern game seems to be this way for some reason. Teams worried about losing so much they restrict themselves attacking wise. Leeds look superb, hate to say it but Spurs as well.  

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1 minute ago, theessexfox said:

I genuinely thought that I’d been missing something and your tactical analysis would show me the genius thinking by Rodgers behind this performance, I’m glad you’re as confused as me. 

I post those thing as a discussion point, and in this case I'd love to hear the theories! Early on there was a clip of him and Chris Davies looking at the monitor to make sure the shape was right... so whatever we are doing I think is what he planned. But what is that plan!? Bore them and the fans to death? Maybe.


@TeaMen Tom's suggestion of making it a 20 minute game is probably the most likely thing we had planned.

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