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Arsenal 0 Amazing Foxes 1 post match

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Dodgy first 30 minutes but we got to grips with it from there on.


Kept it tight and our defence was excellent.Vardy and then under coming on gave us a greater threat.could have got another.


Fofana and Mendy were excellent. We were worth a point at least but got all three. 


Brilliant to get a win at Arsenal at long last. Played it to perfection.Hats off to B-Rod.

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1st half was dross but we were much better 2nd half and very organised defensively. Fofana looked great again and that was a lovely goal. Amazing pass again from Tielemans and great decision making and awareness from Under. Could easily have just smashed it straight at Leno but put it on a plate for Vardy. Excellent stuff and made the 1st half showing a little more bearable. 

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Just now, Paddy. said:

Ps how ****ing good is this lad?



Not just in his performance but his maturity, the Arsenal players tried to wind him up all night and he didn't give a ****.

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Just now, Tom12345 said:

Sorry. No. Just lucky. We will follow up with defeats like we did with Villa and West Ham if this sort of negativity continues.

It’s a great win stops the rot another 3 points bit of high confidence going into the Europa and take each game as it comes !!

Great Win !!

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Well done Rodgers. Might have looked Shit for large parts but if that’s what it takes to go to Arsenal and win then ****ing fair play. None of our other premier league managers have managed it so I’ll tip my cap to him tonight. 

Must take incredible discipline from the players to play like that, so well done to them too. Massive, massive 3 points in the context of the season. 

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