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Arsenal 0 Amazing Foxes 1 post match

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7 minutes ago, foxes_rule1978 said:

Are you sure Fofana has only played a handful of games at a high level. He looks so bloody good 

Very matured display. Plays like a £30m pound signing and not one just for the future. Apart from one or two errors in positioning I can recall, he was brilliant.


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2 minutes ago, StriderHiryu said:

I'll admit that I was questioning the tactics in that game for the first half. In the second half I felt even before the Vardy change the tactics were starting to work, but really it was the introduction of Vardy and Under that changed the game today.


Mendy was MOTM for me, didn't put a foot wrong. Oh and Wesley Fofana must already be worth 90m, what a player.

We always knew JV couldn’t start a full match SH so in effect the tactics worked to perfection ...  Mendy has been an inspiration and as for little Wes ...  he is awesome ...  with a fully fit team we could beat anyone.

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Got to be honest, i had this down as a defeat all day and watching the first 45 minutes, that was all but confirmed in my head.


I am the biggest critic of Rodgers tactics sometimes however credit where its due - Spot on today and a brilliant result. Don't think we played brilliant but luckily we played better than them. Bit of luck with their goal being disallowed but we have had plenty of bad luck so its the way the cookie crumbles.


All credit to the lads - Brilliant.

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2 minutes ago, theessexfox said:

I was pretty disappointed in the match thread and I’m still not convinced it was a tactical masterclass but great result, hopefully we can take some confidence from it.

I second this. Still think the starting lineup and tactics were the wrong way. We were clinging on at times and luckily Arsenal tired/got worse.


Rodgers does deserve credit for the subs, they turned the game on its head and they were timed perfectly. 

Not a masterclass, bit of luck mixed with good decisions. 

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Just now, Corky said:

To be fair, for all our moaning in the first half (and it was justified, not going to change my view on that), the second seemed much better in reducing their threat and adding to ours. Positive substitutions.

Completely agree. Of course some criticism first half was OTT but we offered absolutely nothing.


We started the second half brighter and like you say, the subs changed the game. A more clinical team would've scored first half from those opportunities and the game would've been completely different second half. 

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