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Went on a family holiday to Thailand, Xmas 2018 and whilst at Bangkok we visited the shrine where the players went. 

Not very easy to find but beautifully done. 

I'm not really that religious, but we were invited to pray and it was incredibly moving as we were the only ones in there apart from a couple of King Power staff. 


The man was the man that totally transformed Leicester City and gave us the unthinkable. 


We all miss him and send our love to the family and the other families that have had such a terrible loss


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Lost a great man that day. A truly horrific day.


The fact we still sing about him in such a heartfelt way shows the feeling we have. The tribute was wonderful.


Top is doing a magnificent job carrying on his work.

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A beautiful man and a beautiful family. I don't think he nor they will ever realise what they mean to the people of Leicester and those who support the City. He was taken from us in the cruellest of ways but he will never be forgotten.

RIP Vichai

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5 hours ago, FoyleFox said:

Immeasurable impact on our club in life and death. 



I don't know who created this but it is simply beautiful. How poignant it was the day after the fateful accident a fox was seen running past the stadium. A year later I went to pay my respects to him and again there was a fox at the stadium. 

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Going through this with Top and his family, I think really solidified what we all knew but perhaps he didnt. That we as a fan base are an extended family, we cared perhaps more than he knew.  Because of this, every action he takes I know is coming with the best of intentions. 


I know people get upset about the way they handled season tickets and other business actions, but one thing I will always understand and accept is that if Leicester perform well as a business it helps us grow as a club. Sometimes we wont be happy with that, but if we want to be a successful, self-sustaining team, the club needs to make money.  As long as its kept within reason then im okay with that. 

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Still can’t Believe it’s been 2 years today since the most Amazing Generous owner any club in the world had passed away in such tragic circumstances, Khun Vichai made us into the club we are today he left us in the safe hands of his Son Khun Top who continues to carry on his fathers dreams to make us as successful as we can be.

Khun Vichai will be in our hearts forever and will be immortalised outside the ground once his statue is finished, he made us into the amazing club we are today from the yo-yo club to a stable Premier League club who on our day can beat anyone in this league.

RIP #BOSS You Will always be in our hearts and Thoughts 💙🦊💙


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8 hours ago, StanSP said:

I still remember the outpouring of grief but also love and sympathy from all over the world. Fans of other UK clubs, European clubs and beyond. It was staggering. That will forever be appreciated. 


It might not have been appreciated as much back then but it definitely is now as it did help get us through the most difficult time. The club handled it with so much dignity in such tragic circumstances. 


Especially Top. Stepping in to his father's shoes like he did. An unenviable task and he will always have our support too. We owe a lot to the Srivaddhanaprabha family. 


It was a shame I never got to come up to visit then, but my friend signed the book for me...  (My friend was in Morrisons nearby, and walked past the chaos on the way back home without realising what had happened until he got back home and saw the news about the accident.)



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Don’t think anyone will ever forget where they were when they head the news, or the horrible feeling that lingered in the weeks following.


We have so many things to be proud of our club for, and a lot of them are from the values Vichai ingrained into the club. His son is continuing his work in a fantastic fashion.


Vichai had a dream and that dream isn’t over. 

Honestly would compare the man to our equivalent of Walt Disney. His legacy will remain with this club forever.

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1 hour ago, StanSP said:








Vardy, Morgan and Schmeichel. These guys are more than club legends, they’re part of the fabric of our club.


Biggest compliment you could pay Vichai is that, along with Pearson, he built a culture that meant our players want to be at the heart of everything the club does.

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