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Even without the league win, what Khun Vichai has done for this club and the community of Leicester is incredible. In a time where football owners are mainly business men out to make as much money as possible, with little care for fans, Vichai showed he wasnt here to make money but to create a legacy and build a football club to be greater than anyone ever imagined it could be. And even now, our club still shows we have morals and the interests of the club and fans at the heart of everything they do. Voting down PPV, and being a big part of kicking out the project big picture nonsense. Every fan probably says they are proud of their club, but really, we are the only set of fans who can be truly proud of our club and that is down to Vichai and his family. 

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Incredible that two years have passed. I think he’d be extremely proud of Top on the decisions he has made and where we are as a club at the moment. The first anniversary we won 9-0 away, the second we win at Arsenal for the first time in 47yrs. Vichai has truly been watching over us proudly 🦊💙🦊💙🦊

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