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Leeds A Post Match Thread

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8 minutes ago, Babylon said:

Considering the injuries, incredible start to the season on all fronts. Bravo Brendan and bravo to the recruitment team. 

So far looks like three top quality additions that actually improve the starting 11.

4 don’t forget Mendy ;)

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Unreal performance. We're playing two games a week at the moment with a load of key players out injured. Radio 5 Live are busy making excuses for Leeds while somehow still fluffing them. You would't know we'd just hit them for 4-1 (apparently they gave us a couple of goals). Leeds aren't special as commentators want to make out. Huddersfield came up and played football. So did Brighton before Houghton got the fear. US before that. They're not new.

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9 minutes ago, M0901 said:

28 - so yes.

Unsure why that matters mind you 😉

It doesn't matter, just a wild guess :rolleyes:Hopefully you'll never have to put up with some of the on field crap that old farts like me and many others on here have. The scars run deep. 

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I’m not sure how easily Ndidi fits back into this team. Mendy has been absolutely class and the way he plays makes other players better. He takes the ball off the back much more comfortably which allows Youri further up to press and arrive in the box later. The way Mendy can break the opposition press is brilliant too. I love ndidi and he is a world class cdm but we’re playing some of our best football and look so complete, Mendy has to take a lot of that credit.

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