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Leeds A Post Match Thread

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22 minutes ago, Dames said:

Brendan is earning his crust lately, long may it continue. Looking completely different to the team that finished so weakly last season.


Will say it again though, Fofana will be the best defender in the world within 3-5 years.

Totally agree about Fofana. He's astonishingly good. £35m is looking a bargain for him.


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17 minutes ago, bmouth_fox said:

Alright Andre. Got a few decisions wrong, and needed VAR for one of the most blatant fouls you’ll see.

That’s what VAR is for, it’s obvious he didn’t see it, and then pointed to the spot.


Other than that he a good game

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Excellent performance and Brendan nailed it again which is nice to see after the end of last season. Can't wait for our full squad to be back so we can see how good our starting 11 is. Having said that, gives Brendan a chance to prat about with a full squad which is his undoing. 


Said in the match thread, but it's nice to see Bamford looking naff on TV for everyone to see. Basically a 2020 Fraizer Campbell. 

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Absolutely brilliant performance! No weak link at all. Fairplay to rodgers, last year this team would not have played with such calmness and he has handled the injury crisis really well. It was the best kind of football to play against Leeds. Special shout to fuchs, he was majestic. Under and madders too changed the game 

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Just now, Bob Farley said:

Apart from Jermaine Beckford, he ain't happy about it :D

He also said this about JV


Jamie Vardy has got better with age, he doesn't waste energy running into the corner flags. He runs into the 18-yard-box. He's still very sharp, he's got loads of energy, he doesn't give the defenders a second's rest.

It's easy as a centre forward to drift in and out of games, running into channels and trying to help everyone else but the way he moves around, he just doesn't stand still.

He's getting even better and even wiser.



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Great win tonight against a really attacking Leeds outfit, credit to Rodgers for the tactics in the second half. When Leeds got a goal back 1-2 it started look a bit edgy from our point of view, but once Maddison and Under came on the field we managed to seize back control and finished the game off with an outstanding 4-1! Apart from that two week blip against West Ham and Villa. You've got too say we certainly do look a great side once again, are we better compared to last years squad? 

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13 minutes ago, Bats8711 said:

We're 2nd

have beat Man C + Arsenal on the road

with massively depleted squad

and won our 2 europa league games


It's been a good start regardless of what happens against Wolves

But the Wolves  game is our cup final 

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