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LCFC 4-0 Braga - Post Match Thread

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1 minute ago, M0901 said:

I’m still looking for the poster that said we’d be in a relegation battle at the end of the season........ come on, own up, who was it??


Great again. When the missing lot come back... my God. I’m buzzing 💙

I thought this and have publicly stated that this would be the case. So happy to be proved wrong.

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Good performance but I’ve not watched Europa League in years before this season and fvcking hell isn’t it half dogshit. We’ve literally walked about four goals in ffs

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Loved seeing Perez getting a run out in the middle. Good man management by Rodgers there.


The team showed us the quality in depth, many of those guys needed this to show they can do it at the elite level! Hopefully Hazma, Justin and Thomas can really kick on from here, they were all amazing today.

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Wonderful performance with all players looking in tune with each other. That for me highlights the key here, when fringe players come in and pick the pace and plan up you know things are good in that squad. 


Great to see Madders back on top of his game again. Real confidence boost for Nacho as well. Literally couldn't fault anyone tonight - all were very good performances 👍

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superb performance, struggle to pick a man of the match as everyone played fantastic

Hamza outstanding, fuchs hasnt missed a beat, justin plays like hes been a cb his whole career, albrighton put in a cracking shift, the best performance from thomas so far, didnt put a foot wrong, fofana brilliant again

I will say thats the best ive seen madders in a long time, confidence was sky high, his touch and control tonight was world class, fully deserved goal, positive going forward and choosing the right options

beautiful thing to watch tonight 💙🦊

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