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We’re terrible against wolves. The last two times we’ve played them they have been so unlucky not to beat us. We have scrapped draws that we didn’t deserve. 

Having said all of that, this Leicester team is unreal. I am a little bit concerned that it could be one game too far in terms of fatigue though.

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This will be a proper test against a side who don't come out and love to play a direct style on the counter attack at pace. Most the sides we've beaten in the league are sides who like to press us (except Burnley) so it'll be interesting to see how we come against a side intending to make it a cagey affair for us. Villa and west ham both got joy with that intention. 

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We need to play 352 with mendy who can keep things under control keep it 0-0 then go all out at 60 minutes like agianst arsenal put on under for one of the CBs and go all out. All depends on us being able to keep it at 0-0 till the hour mark. I think we could possibly try staying deep to stop traore getting in behind. Expect this one to be simmilar to the west ham game tbh. 

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This has got stalemate potential but we're playing really well at the minute so can beat them.


Real decisions to make with who plays. I'd be tempted to play Iheanacho from the right with Vardy and Barnes. Maddison might not be fit with his dead leg. Under looked better from the bench so far. 


Does Evans come back in if it? Be harsh to drop anyone. But Jimenez will be a test. Traore against Thomas too, do might be useful to have Fuchs behind him. 


Obviously want a win but would take a point so we can carry momentum into the international break. 

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4 hours ago, Fightforever said:

We need to play 352 with mendy who can keep things under control keep it 0-0 then go all out at 60 minutes like agianst arsenal put on under for one of the CBs and go all out. All depends on us being able to keep it at 0-0 till the hour mark. I think we could possibly try staying deep to stop traore getting in behind. Expect this one to be simmilar to the west ham game tbh. 

I don’t think Traore has played much recently. 

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If we beat Wolves,it wont be season defining...but it will send again a rumble through the whole of the league..

The fans will feel, the First foot has been placed in gaining that Desperate consistent "extra yard"


We Leicester fans will start believing, its on again,but still Keep One leg dangling over the precipice..

This aint 2015/16....but my God, we may have Just Stumbled on/over and into another high Octane quality season..

Our Heads are slowly being wouned up, where we find ourselves in a mental headspin Not knowing how to make a cup of tea,who to kiss,kick,or hug.



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get a result here and Liverpool is a free hit if you ask me. Same as Man City was with the start we made. 


Wolves will be an interesting game and we could cancel each other out. Hoping for a 2-0 but could easily be our first draw of the season. 

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According to Google Maps, taking the shortest route, Molineux is 53.9 miles from the King Power.

In distance, that places Wolves as our 3rd closest rival in the Premier League after Aston Villa, 41.6 and West Brom 48.8.


It’s excellent to see the Midlands representing the Premier league with all 3 teams doing excellently, ok, Villa doing moderately because they beat us.

As the only East Midland club in the Prem, this represents the clash of the Midlands and seeing as I cannot predict a team line up or prediction, I thought I’d see which team would win in a simple battle of the Cities.

I’ve chosen the following categories myself, so let’s finally settle the ancient and hotly disputed argument “Which is better, Leicester or Wolverhampton?”




The first battle that springs to mind here is Slade vs Showaddywaddy, but we all know Showaddywaddy are/were far better :P, so no point discussing that, so I’ll go with Cloven Hoof vs Blitzkrieg.


Cloven Hoof "Crack the Whip"


Crack the whip!

You keep me coming,

On stronger than ever before.

Light my fire,

Feed your desire,

Till it leaves ya

Burning for more.


Lyric excerpt from “Crack the Whip” taken from their self titled 1984 Album “Cloven Hoof”


Blitzkrieg "A Time of Change"


When you see a cloud moving from the east,

You say rain is coming, and so it happens.

When the desert wind blows, you say it

Will be hot, and so it is. If you can read

The signs in the earth and the sky,

How is it that you cannot read the signs of The times?

The changes are occurring now!


Lyric excerpt from “A Time of Change” taken from Blitzkrieg's 1985 album “A Time of Change”


Whilst I can see “Crack the Whip” being easier to sing on the terraces, I have to give this vote to Blitzkrieg because of it’s helpful weather warning. It's far more useful to plan a day trip or to organise a barbecue whilst listening to Blitzkrieg. Also, that they first predicted the Climate Crisis in 1985, this gives them the edge.


Leicester 1 - Wolves 0


The Ring Road:


Both very important for navigation of boozers and most of the old match day scraps relied on this route. 


Wolverhampton = 2 miles in length. 


Leicester = 3.75 miles in length. 


Leicester 2 - Wolves 0




This is Everards vs Marston’s.

And going with the popular vote here, I’d say this is Tiger vs Pedigree.


Now, It’s widely known that drinking either of these delicious ales is not for the purist football fan.

Deep down, drinkers of these ales will be suspected as either Rugby or Cricket fans, or even worse, both.

Anyone not drinking Carling or Stella before the game will have an overall disadvantage cast against their football knowledge and will not be taken entirely seriously. The drinkers of these beverages will invariably originate from Rothley, Kirby Muxloe and Newtown Linford. I don’t think Wolverhampton has such desirable locations, so I can’t comment upon their potential posher postcodes.


Now I’m well aware Pedigree has closer ties to Burton, but as Marston’s goes, Pedi is a foreign import to Wolverhampton, which Wolves are currently most famous for.


As a drinker of both ales, it’s a tight choice, but for me, nothing beats a proper, well kept, “ahhhh he keeps his lines clean” pint of Pedigree.


Leicester 2 - Wolves 1


Local Celebrities:


Meera Syal vs Parminda Nagra


Not just because they both have Indian heritage, but to encourage how proud each city is of its diversity. (The Shire snowflakes shaking their heads  at this :D)


As an international acting career and overall hotness, (don’t write in saying that’s sexist, it’s not) Parminda wins this hands down.

Yet Meera, as a national treasure, being in “Goodness Gracious Me’ and "going our for an English" wins.


Leicester 2 - Wolves 2


So finally, we have to have a football related comparison.


Famous Fans:


We have Gary Lineker, he presented Match of the Day in his pants because of us, that wins anything.

They think it’s all over…hang on. 

In Robert Plant, Wolverhampton have a fan who scored with his fans more times than Lineker ever did, (only just though, allegedly)

The Led Zep legend loves Wolves and is an honorary vice-president of the club. 

Both have been involved in take overs for their clubs, so both are exceptional loyalists to their clubs. 


It’s a close call with this, so I’ll award each team a point.


Leicester 3 - Wolves 3


So, the game finished 3-3 with no clear winner

Each City is as good as each other and so the argument rages on.


As for the football game on Sunday, 3-3 is a highly plausible result too.






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I'd revert as closely as possible to the side that started at Leeds. The only change I'd make would be Evans coming for Thomas - Evans to take the central CB position, Fofana to shift to RCB and Justin to take Thomas' spot at LWB. That's not indicative of Thomas' performances, rather that if Evans is fully fit and we've to manage a front three with the quality of Jimenez, Neto and Podence we'd be silly to leave him sat on the bench. If Evans isn't ready, I think everyone in the team that started at Leeds has more than earned their corn and we go again. Maddison in for Praet the only other change I wouldn't be surprised to see. Start the game with a view to controlling things at the back and in midfield, match up the threat from their wingbacks, and utilise the attacking options on the bench as the game goes on. 


In all honesty, I'm blown away by the response to the West Ham and Villa defeats - Rodgers has been magnificent. After those games, looking ahead to the fixture list of three consecutive Europa league ties midweek, and tough league games against Arsenal, Leeds and Wolves I was concerned at how we'd manage a series of intense fixtures, the injury list and a European away trip. We've come through very convincingly. We've got maximum points in Europe with two clean sheets and smashed the biggest threat to winning the group to pieces. We've won at Arsenal for the first time in half a century and pissed all over Arteta's chips. We crushed Bielsa's system at Leeds. We've scored 14 and conceded 2. If we can get even a point against Wolves, we've managed a really difficult period of the season incredibly well. Credit to Rodgers and all the players, let's hope for more of the same on Sunday. 

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