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Wolves (H) - Match Thread - 08/11/2020

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Except the last ten minutes in the first period, the defense was very solid but Fofana was exceptional. Similarly, the midfield was very good but Praet was excellent but was fatigued in the last ten minutes. BR needs to stretch the field so he should bring both Under and Barnes though they need to be told to track back. they should be able to handle it comfortably for 45 minutes or so.

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7 minutes ago, Dan LCFC said:

It is. This culture of absolutely absurd scrutiny has led to people collectively thinking that first one is a penalty. It's been blasted at him from about 5 yards away. Slow motion replays have totally distorted everyone's minds.


The rules have been changed to accomodate VAR. Therefore it's the fault of the introduction of VAR. By the letter of the absolutely silly laws - yes it's a penalty, but I can't get on board with this shambles at all and never will.

Yeah, fair enough.

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