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Wolves (H) - Match Thread - 08/11/2020

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Half an hour to kick off, we have had 2 mins of Brendan and 28 mins of Salah, foden, Carragher talking about how many attackers Liverpool should play.


No we got Richards drooling over foden, it's fuching wrong, I might just put an illegal stream on just so I don't have to watch this garbage.

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16 minutes ago, matty98 said:

Just don't see how you break a team down with no pace and movement in the attacking 3rd. :dunno: 

Wolves can just flood the middle of the pitch as we have no pace out wide.

I'm not doubting him, just stating I don't see how this is going to work. 

We played 4141 against them in the last 3 games we played against them and scored a grand total of... zero goals.


They typically setup with a deep block against us and hit us on the break, so pace is not that useful because there aren't many gaps in behind them to exploit the pace we have in our squad. That's why generally speaking Wolves nullify our team more effectively than any other. They have shown they are content to let us have the ball and challenge us to break them down, which we struggle to do.


The idea will be to have Praet and Maddison drifting between the lines to pull one of their CB's out of position which could lead to Vardy getting in behind the space they vacate with a a 1v1. It will be about fast and accurate passing and creating opportunities through superior technical play.


Will it work? Don't know but the formation has been used in the last two games and we've scored 8 goals and conceding one, including beating a team that finished above Wolves in the Europa League group stages last season. The players are familiar with the system and in good form, and it's a new approach for Wolves to have to deal with against Leicester. I think it's well worth a try.

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3 minutes ago, RonnieTodger said:

Never watch Sky’s build up anymore. This game is like an undercard fight to them. 

Me neither. Switch on 5 minutes before KO. Cup of tea at HT and straight off at the end. 👍

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