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Liverpool (a) - Match Thread

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1 minute ago, hejammy said:

Expected really. Let's see. No doubt it will be all about how Liverpool have 100 players out injured regardless of if we win lose or draw

Millions of Liverpool fans.

Many, many fewer Leicester fans.


Of course I'll all be about Liverpool. I just hope it's about how sad those fans are :cool:


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1 minute ago, tom27111 said:

Ffs Brendan. What kind of team is that??????


(It's ok really, just carrying on the negativity which usually does us well)


Yep. I'm not feeling the requisite level of dread that goes with a win, which is a bad sign. I wish Amartey was in goal.




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Despite Liverpool's injury list, they have still managed to field a very strong team. Looking at their bench, not much experience or proven quality though so a couple of injuries would be brilliant.


I think we'll struggle because we are also missing some key players.


Hopefully we can win - theres unlikely to be a better chance.

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1 minute ago, Mark said:

Hope Barnes isn’t on the right as he had two stinkers in both fixtures against Liverpool last season, which strangely were only two times he didn’t start left

It will be 3421, though he could be on either the left or right hand side of the two behind Vardy.


So far this season, he's played to the left when we've lined up this way.

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