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Liverpool (a) - Match Thread

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1 minute ago, Sunbury Fox said:

The way that Carragher sneers that even this Liverpool team has more than enough to beat Leicester does grate. It's like we're Burnley or Palace the way he talks.

We're certainly playing like Burnley or Palace :facepalm:

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Just now, peach0000 said:

I'm as biased as they come when it comes to Leicester but that wasn't a penalty even with the new rules. His arms were in his 'natural silhouette' and he didn't have time to get it out of the way. People are very quick to call Liverpool victims but some Leicester fans can be just as bad sometimes! We've been thoroughly out played and should focus on that rather than trying to make it out like its someone else's fault.

Tbh I don’t think it was. It’s just infuriating that had it been the other end VAR would of took longer and sky would of spoke about it. 

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1 minute ago, deano1 said:

Every time we never learn choudry and or Pratt should have started our midfield has been spectators let them knock it about defend deep and they will slaughter us you would have thought we might have learnt something about them by now we gift them the game every time🤮

John Pratt's in his seventies

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7 minutes ago, Bourbon Fox said:

I'm not worried about how we look going forward but we have to take our chances.


The zonal marking looks a bit shaky at times but I think this was always going to be tough against Mane, Milner playing a binder and Jota on top form. They're very, very good at picking teams apart.

Yes they are which is why you can't leave so much room at the back. As you cant against man city and we didn't then. We've been all over the place at the back without making then even work at all for it. 


Losing games is acceptable. Everyone loses at some point. Just make them work for it. As it stands we may aswell have just not bothered making the journey. 

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