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Liverpool (a) - Match Thread

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1 minute ago, SheppyFox said:

Let’s be clear, we have no right to expect the three points against superior opposition. We are however good enough to pull off an unexpected upset, our comparable best 11s are closely matched IMO, but current injuries make them the stronger.

Was more confident when I thought Castagne would be playing. Robertson and Jota down their left would be a handful for anyone.

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2 minutes ago, Swarles Barkley said:

I see that their starting line up still costs near on £200mil lol 

It can’t, because Liverpool have like negative net spend for the last 10 years!? 

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7 minutes ago, lnkstern said:

In the Americas we get Arlo White and Graeme Le Saux as commentators.


Arlo is a Leicester boy, but he is able to remain neutral for the commentary.





Edit: Can't properly spell Graeme.

NBCSN? I guess I know what stream I'll be looking for then...

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As a fan of over 40 years, simple mental approach to watching this;



Either get schooled like last year, or lose by a controversial goal.



To go toe to toe and show no fear and come away with at least a draw, maybe a scrappy arsed win.



Defend fearlessly, everyone showing for the ball, first to 50/50’s, show some clinical finishing and humiliate these f@ckrrs

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16 minutes ago, deanolegend1989 said:

I’m very suprised Praet isn’t In! He’s so underrated when we have this formation because he makes things happen up the pitch.

I fear Mendy and Tielemens as usual will struggle to dominate the midfield and get overrun.

Maddison is good on the ball but might be icolated with Vardy and Barnes if we can’t win the midfield battle. Praet I’m as a 3 would take the load off a bit more.

Thought we would go for it more with their injuries but looks like we’re playing into their hands a bit.

As usual??!!! When did that happen this season?🤔

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7 minutes ago, NaijaFox said:

Bini, Keita and Jones are nowhere near Henderson, Fabinho and Thiago. They’re still good, but I actually think we have the better midfield on this occasion.

Blimey, Roger Binney who played cricket for India some thirty or so years ago is now playing for Liverpool

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1 minute ago, Stevosevic said:

Ssssssshhhh. Reverse psychology kinda thing lol

Haha you're in a Leicester city forum. Ain't no psychology gonna work here. We're all simpletons from a small village in the Midlands right? 

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30 minutes ago, Sol thewall Bamba said:

Liverpool have injuries?

Apparently so. They are starting to talk about it now. Five in fact.


Good job we haven't suffered with our entire first choice back line, our DCM and Vardy and Maddison being out for games this season.


Just the four out today though so probably not worth mentioning.

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