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Braga A Match thread

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12 minutes ago, Abrasive fox said:

We genuinely need another centre half in January. Big wes is great to have around but if Evans gets injured we're buggered.

Don't agree. 


Soyuncu, Fofana, Evans, Morgan, JJ and Fuchs. 


That's 3 possibly 4 cracking CBs (I'm counting JJ in there as I think RCB is his best possition) and two experienced back ups. 


That's plenty until the summer. More pressing needs I think, like ST. 

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8 minutes ago, Paninistickers said:

Why? Big Wes has been magnificent in the couple of games he's played.  Disappointed he's  not in for Fuchs tonight 

Absolutely agree. Wes is more than good enough as back up and Armarty could be back sooner as well. We need to save the money for bigger priorities. It's a business, not a never ending pit of money. 

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20 minutes ago, RowlattsFox said:

I think resting our best players in our toughest game is risky. Bit shit for Vardy to get to the Europa League but sit most games on the bench lol but understand why. 


Like the front 3, definitely have the beating of their defence. Hopefully defence has a good day because it definitely has potential to be tested.

Be shitter for nacho when he gets dropped in the knockout stages, despite being top scorer in the competition! But I guess I understand why that will happen too.

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5 minutes ago, StriderHiryu said:

Rodgers was asked why he hadn't started for a month and he said his attitude was good but he has to battle to get back into the team.


Seems reminiscent of how he treated Nacho last season, who didn't get into any of the first 6 matchday squads but then came back with a vengeance and turned his career round here. Not sure if Perez can do the same, but seems like fair treatment given his performances both last season and this. 


Q: Has Ayoze Perez spoken to you about his lack of game-time recently? Does he understand why he’s not involved?

BR: “I always communicate with the players. He’s been working hard in training. The level the team has been playing at is a high level. He totally understands the situation but he knows when opportunities come, he’ll be ready to take them.

“He hasn’t sulked, he hasn’t been affected, he’s been very determined to get himself back into the team. That’s the beauty of players coming back, we’re becoming really competitive as a squad, and that’s what you need. Ayo’s attitude and commitment has been first class.”

Absolutely good for him, very professional. 

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Defence looks a bit League Cup second round but going forward, plus the bench, look strong.


At least the three wins so far, including the score in the first game means we'll still have it fully in our hands barring an absolute thrashing. A point pretty much seals it, I think?

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