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Braga A Match thread

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2 minutes ago, Brooksy said:

Always baffled me how a professional footballer can't beat the first man on a corner 

I suppose it comes down to the fact that the defenders are professional footballers too and know how to position themselves to limit the scope for effective corners. 

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19 minutes ago, shen said:

Admittedly it's been quality opposition in Liverpool (he did make a goalline clearance lest we forget) and Braga, but he hasn't offered much more than hard work and some running. He's just half a second too slow tackling, passing, getting into position. Would rather have him on the left and further up the pitch again.

I guess that's my point. He can still come on in certain situations.


The way he charged in against Robertson and completely played himself out – allowing Robertson to cross for the second goal – still makes me angry. 


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