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Will teams in tier 2 have an unfair advantage over teams in tier 3

Will fans at only some grounds give an unfair advantage to the home team?  

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  1. 1. With some grounds being in the lower tier and allowed fans back in, will this give the home team an unfair advantage compared to teams in tier 3 where home fans aren’t allowed?

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It's going to have a much bigger advantage in the lower leagues where 1/4 of the capacity is full.


I can't imagine in the Premier League that 2,000 fans spread out in a 40,000 seater stadium is going to make much of a difference though.

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I think there's a chance it could have more of a negative effect than positive. With low numbers and no singing it'll be easier for players to hear any negative comments if they're not playing great. Not that fans will be actively shouting abuse or criticism, but it won't be long before things like 'Oh FFS' start to come out, and people like to make themselves heard. Fans will be happy being there to start with but other emotions can take over.


Now that might have no significance at all, but maybe any positive boost will have less effect than any negative vibes. I don't actually think there'll be much difference either way, but maybe.

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5 hours ago, davieG said:

Chances are it'll make it worse, they'll be thinking are we this shit? 

I think this argument has merit. The ear strains for what is on the edge of its awareness. I think a small amount of fans will be as much of a distraction for home teams as it will be an advantage. If I was a player, I think I’d take playing in an empty home stadium ahead of one with a few people here and there. 🤷‍♂️

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21 hours ago, Paninistickers said:

Northern Ireland made a right old racket at Windsor Park with 1500 for the UEFA play off

It's a pretty small stadium though, less than 20k capacity. Evans said in an interview they could hear the fans, I wonder if it would be the same with 2000 in a 40 - 70k stadium though?


8 minutes ago, whoareyaaa said:

Vardy will love it

There is that :D

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