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Fulham (H) - Match Thread - 30/11/2020

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Unbelievably bad this.


No justification for 5 at the back here. No control of the game at all.

Not for the first time Tielemans is our best player, we really ought to build the team around him.

No width means Vardy is constantly in the channels and no-one is coming through the middle.
If you're not prepared to play Maddison centrally, don't play him. He is not a wide attacker.

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1 minute ago, Aus Fox said:

Classic argument we’ve had on here for every manager, he’s too arrogant to change it.

Completely dismissing how many times he has changed it up.

Yeah you're right mate. He's totally justified setting us up like this against the mighty Fulham 

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We are like the fat kid at 5-a-side. Really wants to be a winger but ends up showing too much of the ball because he’s not fast enough on his feet. 

We are such a bad watch for the neutral.


Also, after spending the last two days defending Mendy, today, he’s pissed me off the most 

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