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The squad worked like a car made of hastily assembled parts on a day so cold the oil froze.  Which is probably what we should have expected.


Whichever Ukrainian gangster microdosed our squad with Novichok must have got the ref too.  And gave Little Wes double.



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It's all unravelling again unfortunately, dreadful viewing, Soyuncu going off a massive disappointment, didn't create enough, poor in attack, poor in defence.

We must bounce back at Sheffield United, wheels are well and truly off if we mess up there.

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Would have been nice to get a win tonight and finish the group off, a draw wouldn’t have really helped us that much I don’t think, as we’d still need to go to AEK and win to be sure of topping the group (If I haven’t got that wrong). We’ll now have to take a pretty much full strength squad over there though just to give it our best shot.


Ndidi and Ricardo getting minutes so they’ll hopefully both be in the squad against Sheffield United, shame about Cags but hopefully he’ll be back in a week or two.


Something I’ve been saying for ages now, how many chances are our CBs going to miss? Every game we get a free header in the box from a set piece and they don’t even get in on target, it’s been like this for months (I remember saying the same things around the time we went into lockdown). Fed up of seeing Maddison waste set pieces too, Under puts a good one in, Maddison comes on and takes over, it doesn’t beat the first man. It’s so frustrating watching us fail to get decent balls into the box, but when we do actually get one or two we just throw the chance away and not even test the keeper.


Got to win against Sheffield United, but I’ve slowly losing confidence again, we look miles off a top 4/6 side, we hardly create anything.


EDIT: Just realised the AEK game is at home, happy dayslol

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