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Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

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Just now, adam said:

Thats such a blatant yellow. These refs are such a disgrace. Not doing their jobs properly and get away with it every week. Wont see a clearer yellow all season. 

When you compare to some of the yellows we got last Thursday 🤣🤣🤣

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Perez is playing very well and seems to fit the system we are playing perfectly


Mendy is marshalling the field as he was at the start of the season


We are creating a lot more chances




We are still shit either end of the pitch at corners


Tielemans seems to be playing to deep

to get involved in anything 


Fofana has already been caught out a few times already

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Fuming that Lowe did not see red but at least if Lowe was sent off them Sheff Utd would have tightened up even more and we all know how rubbish we are at playing defensive teams.   


Perez and Mendy are doing very well-  if we keep this up then surely we can win this.   Positivity and all that.



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For all that good play we've only had 1 shot on target. We'll never get anywhere near the top 6 if we can't defend set pieces though, something needs to change.


For 40 minutes Albrighton offered hardly anything, but he was decent towards the end of the half. Maddison looked lost for about the same amount of time, then goes on to hit the post and was unlucky not to score.


We really should be playing against 10 men, the refs in this league are absolutely clueless, that'll happen next week and the player will be sent off.

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Just now, Dan LCFC said:

Actually think it's been a bit better, although they've looked awful and we're not beating them.

Disagree..Blades have played a Good Compact Holding game..We have been more aggressive and showing more intent, than the last few games.I

Like us, they arent Good on the backfoot, but can create when moving quick ball...

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