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Vardy and the low block

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14 hours ago, Sampson said:

I'd never heard the term "low block" until a couple of months ago, now it's everywhere.


What is it with modern football punditry trying to create new terms for styles of play or positions on the pitch that have existed for decades?

Posters Watching and listening to USA -football-speach, I suppose..


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Vardy is quality.


I understand the OP's position though.  I've said it before that our game is mainly about trying to slide balls through to get Vardy or Barnes in a one on one situation with the keeper.  When the opposition play a high line it's very effective.  Our problem is that we don't try and do anything differently when we are against a low block.  There just isn't the space and opportunities to exploit what little space there is, is much more difficult.  The question is, do we persist in playing this way because Vardy is in the team, or do we play like that regardless of the personnel?


Taking chances isn't so much of a problem, creating chances is.


The fact of the matter is that we need different ways of scoring goals.


Vardy is well capable of scoring a range of goals, but even against a low block, he is still isolated in the box.


Against a team that is happy to concede possession to us and sit back, I'd like to see Nacho on.  He is a very, very good finisher of chances in the box.  Him and Vardy both in there would mean their defenders have more to worry about.  With 3 or 4 of Tielemans/Praet/Barnes/Perez/Maddison/Under plus the full backs, we should be creating more chances.  A lot more.

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