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Crystal Palace (A) - Match Thread

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2 minutes ago, Le Renard said:

Before anyone goes balistic over Rodgers, it is not his fault we have only two strikers at the club, and one of them isn't good enough!  He had to rest Vardy today due to his groin problem.


It's been 48 hrs. United get like an 80hr break. 


The only people that really deserve abuse for this are the cvnts at the league who schedule this nonsense. 


I'm a big fan of the boxing day and new years day matches and I've never wanted a winter break. But why we have to force this fixture in in the middle is just absurd. 


These are ****ing terrible. We'd stuff them with our strongest side we all know that but we can't really be upset with the manager for rotating. 

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2 minutes ago, Larry_LCFC said:

So pissed off with this. We will never achieve anything when we treat matches like this with such contempt. Rodgers has had an absolute mare today. Reacted 20 minutes too late....yet again.

I’d rather have played the reserves against Man U and the full team in this game. Target the best chance of picking up points.

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1 minute ago, Muzzy_Larsson said:

Did he not do exactly the same this time last season at West Ham and win?


This one ain't on Rodgers, we played very well the first-half which shows we were set up well. Poor finishing to blame today.

People blaming the manager are p*ssy entitled would be Liverpool fans:(


We should have been out of sight at half time but Kel was cack  

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2 minutes ago, Mark 'expert' Lawrenson said:

We’ve defined got a soft underbelly, no fight in us.

Ndidi is our only premier league quality midfielder. The rest either think they are better than they are and don’t put in the hard work, or put in the hard work but have the talent of your average Sunday league clogger.



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Just now, Paddy. said:

I think Nacho butchering piss easy chances will have demotivated the team somewhat. 

People are talking like he’s missed a string of chances. He missed a penalty - 25% of penalties are missed. He then missed a header that a top quality striker would expect to score more often than not.


He didn’t play well but people are making out that he’s completely responsible for this. He isn’t.

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