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Crystal Palace (A) - Match Thread

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2 minutes ago, Stephen Hughes said:

I’m not here for an argument but genuinely interested in why BR gets the blame for this? First half we played well and should have had a comfortable lead.

And it may have come off for him if Nacho scores that pen, but he doesn't because he's not cut out for it at this level.


People understand the need to rest but that many changes? Why not make 4 changes instead and keep Vardy on, when we go 1 or 2 up then take him off at half time. Instead, we get the worst of both worlds - no rest for Vardy and no win for us! Also should've at least changed things at HT, it was obvious that Palace could not be as bad in the second half and we were not even good enough to score against them in the first.

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Just now, whoareyaaa said:

I don't think we can blame Rodgers, Nacho has cost us badly here...  the setup wasn't great but we should have been 2 up at half time.

You could see it wasn’t working for him at half time and BR chose not to take him off until 71 mins 

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Come on Leicester!! Get your heads back on and get on the ball!


Such an annoying game... should have been out of sight by half time but now players getting frustrated themselves. Need to get our focus back. 

We all know this is the type of game we should be coming away with something.  I’m not an entitled fan, but if we have serious aspirations into breaking into the top 6, yet alone the top 4, on a regular basis we should do better than this.  Was thinking back to Scholes’ comment during the Man Utd game, saying our squad wasn’t good enough to win the league. Sadly he’s right, and I’m not sure it’s good enough for top 4 this season either.


Haha!! Just as I post this Barnes Scores!!!!!

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5 minutes ago, Larry_LCFC said:

So pissed off with this. We will never achieve anything when we treat matches like this with such contempt. Rodgers has had an absolute mare today. Reacted 20 minutes too late....yet again.

Have to agree with this. For me that's where Klopp and Liverpool show their class. Against the lesser sides rather than play a weakened side they race out of the blocks get themselves a healthy lead then retain possession to conserve energy. We need to be smarter if we're going to fulfil our potential. 

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