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Crystal Palace 1-1 LCFC - Post Match Thread

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3 minutes ago, foxfanazer said:

Yes that would be the approach imo. Palace and Villa have both started similar teams to the ones that played the other day. 7 changes or whatever it was is overkill and ultimately cost us 2 points

We were all over them in that first half, in part I'm sure because we had fresher players.


The only blame I can think to lay at Rodger's door is that he still trusts Kelechi. If it wasn't for his 1/10 performance we'd have won and won comfortably.

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1 minute ago, foxfanazer said:

Yes that would be the approach imo. Palace and Villa have both started similar teams to the ones that played the other day. 7 changes or whatever it was is overkill and ultimately cost us 2 points

But what if you don't? It's not like we haven't struggled to go ahead in the first half with our first team. Especially against teams (like Palace) that sit back and play narrow. In the first half especially I don't see much wrong with the squad choice or performance. I'm not excusing BR I'm just not seeing where he's made some terrible player choices. Except for Nacho. But I don't know what you do about that when Vardy played only two days ago and probably needs resting. 

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20 minutes ago, BigGibbo said:

He played a good game?

Who Iheanacho? Despite him missing 2 very good chances, he had other shots and misplaced numerous passes. I try not to be too harsh on players, but he was palaces best player today, if it was vardy with those chances we win those games. Hence why we need another striker in asap.

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28 minutes ago, bovril said:

Mendy was superb. 

Surprised to see such a low score for him in the ratings. He was pretty flawless in my opinion. All our central midfielders seem a little underrated. 


Back 4 also played well I thought. 

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Just now, Col city fan said:

This is the type of post that really pisses me off. It’s the polar opposite of the doom merchants

Mendy and Amartey were not ‘epic’. Epic refers to a defence that doesn’t concede and a midfield that bosses the game

Christ, this forum is so full of hyperbole

So you would rather clear the floor for the doom merchants? Are they allowed? Of course it’s full of hyperbole, it’s a forum not a think tank. lol

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15 minutes ago, Col city fan said:

It was going to come. I’m sure I mentioned our positioning (and certainly Amartey’s) after the missed Zaha chance 

If you want to continue with that defence be my guest

But we’ll lose more than we win 

We’ve just thrown away a game we should have bossed

So what did he actually do wrong because you cant seem to pinpoint it? 

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Nacho just not good enough to be a back up strker, Perez poor, although he was out wide much of the time where he never does anything, Praet disappointing today, but for me, the strangest thing of all was Gray. It is plain as day he has no future at the club, so was surprised to see him on the bench at all, but to then bring him on, i just didn`t get at all.

Where is his motivation to perform for us, he knows he has no future here, and knows he will get a move somewhere regardless of how he performed today.

That was exactly how he played when he came on, unmotivated and completely uninterested.  We might as well have put one of the kids on the bench. 

Oh and by the way, How shockingly poor were Palace, that was such a missed opportunity, and 2 points chucked away.

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Just now, foxes_rule1978 said:

I saw the need, nacho can’t finish 

Anyone can be clever with hindsight. If Brendan had fetched Ihenacho off at half time and we lost it would have been Brendans fault for subbing him.


We were resting players, it had to be done.

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15 minutes ago, SecretPro said:

Absolutely fuming. Brendan dropped a bollock AGAIN just when things are looking good. Needless changes, poor team selection. Why Gray even getting on the pitch, let alone stealing free kicks from players with actual talent?!. 


If we can upgrade the likes of Ayoze and Nacho then maybe we could start showing the likes of Palace the contempt that Brendan showed them today. Whilst we have to fall back on Sunday League players like Nacho and Gray the moment games get a little bit close together then we will never be a convincing top 4 side. Those dropped points today will have a massive impact on where we finish this season. Its not good enough, especially from Brendan. Creating out own problems. These are professional athletes, I couldn't give a shit if its 2 games in 3 days, I really couldn't, especially when there is a weeks rest until the next one. Poor, poor, poor. 

We've been without a fairly large number of first team players through a lot of this season so far due to injuries and you really think we should be risking players like Madison, Fofana or Under  (and even Vardy), who all have knocks, or Ndidi or Soyuncu or Castagne who've only just come back from injury, or Tielemans who's not had much rest all season?


Yes they're professional athletes but the game is played at such a high pace and with such intensity that there's a risk of injury if you ask too much of them.


We'd be even unhappier if any of those were out for a period of time due to their inclusion and asking why Rodgers hadn't tested them.


(And what is your issue with Perez?)

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