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Crystal Palace 1-1 LCFC - Post Match Thread

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1 minute ago, Blanchflower78 said:

Villa make no changes to their side. Keep the momentum....  Rodgers fully upstaged today.

Villa haven’t played Europa. 

But either way we don’t work for the medical team and people could be carrying knocks etc.


BR plays Vardy and aggregates a groin strain he gets it in the neck so without being in the club who knows whether we should have rested so many. 

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Very disappointing result but probably fair on the balance of play overall. Had the penalty gone in, think we'd have won easily as their confidence was low. Kelechi has to do much better. 


Second half they played with more zip. A collection of mistakes from several players led to the goal but Kasper had to save that at the near post. 


Mendy, Barnes and Evans were very good especially first half. Amaryey being composed at CB was a bonus. JJ looked good before the break but tired after it unsurprisingly - has he had a break?  


Think making 7 changes was a mistake but done now. 

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Palace were much improved in the 2nd half, they worked so much harder and defended our left side better where so much of our threat had come from. 

Taking Choudhury off for Tielemans backfired. Tielemans doesn’t track back well enough and loses concentration, however brilliant he is from an attacking perspective. I remember in a similar game vs. Burnley away the previous season where he was at fault for the Burnley winner as he didn’t follow the runner. 

We created more than enough chances to win the game but our poor finishing gave Palace hope and something to build on in the 2nd half. 

Overall, disappointed but glad he salvaged something which further shows our resiliency. 

And good performances from Amartey, Evans and Mendy.

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Pleased I stuck with it. Great goal from Barnes who really has found his scoring boots and looks some player. A first choice 11 and we’d have cruised that. Thomas and Amartey impressed, Evans was class. At the end of the day, 2 individual mistakes cost us, sadly, Kasper and never let nacho take another pen. HNY. 

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Agree with @StanSP

Iheanacho cost us the game no question, should have been 2,3 up at half time. He was dreadful today. And I can’t recall a worse cameo than that from Gray - offered nothing, no desire, no quality, rarely moved to offer himself. Hopefully that’s the last we’ll see of him.

Thought Choudhury and Praet were poor, and Perez disappeared after a good first half.

Pluses? Amartey superb, Barnes flying, Mendy doing the bits and pieces. 5 points from 3 is ok, but we must win at Newcastle now

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A point gained but really should have been 3. First half I can’t help but think Palace were hoping not to go in behind, because they did **** all. Our right hand side was cause havoc all first half, but Kalechi unfortunately proved once again he isn’t up to it, if we can cut a deal in January to move him on and bring someone in we should do it. He scores that penalty and Palace’s half time team talk is a different one, instead, they knew that the second half was there for them to get stuck into and that’s what they did. 

They weren’t good, their goal as is usually the case with us at the moment a gift, we have the ball away in a poor area of the pitch and then allowed them to break, Zaha somehow evades four men..... then the worst cross known to mankind finds And-dross, who plays a ball into the box for an unmarked Zaha so lash home.... what is infuriating is it is probably the most avoidable goal we’ve conceded recently. 

Naturally that gave palace a bit of a lift and we lost our composure a bit, so we were not on it for most of that second half, luckily Barnaldino steps up to save the day. 

Games like this just highlight how desperate we are for more attacking players. If we can get a striker in, even on loan and that chap from Reading we should be set. 

Onwards and upwards, had we lost it could have been a very different conversation tonight........

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Game all hinged on that penalty. We score that I think we win comfortably seeing how bad palace were first half. Unfortunately it was taken by a complete donkey who needs kicking out to a league more suitable to his talents like the Greek, Belgian or Scottish (second tiers). Missing the chance to equalise or take the lead is about as bad as conceding a goal. Cant remember to many games where weve gone on to win after it happens.

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A wasted opportunity to get 3 points from truly woeful opposition.

Every time Nacho gets a start you really hope he might unlock the talent that he must have but he never seems to achieve. His pen was atrocious and he took his eye off a sitter of a headed goal opportunity. Also when he chases a fifty fifty ball he never seems to have the belief to win it.




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